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Soft launch

Two ways to help us out as we ready the website is live. We've got a few more things to put in place before we start promoting it, so you might want to keep it under your hat for a little while longer. For now though, there are two things you could do to help us out.

First, have a browse around the site and look for anything that's broken or out of place. We've built this on the fabulous Strikingly platform, which is new to us (It's been nothing but Wordpress for the last decade). If anything looks out of place, drop us a line and we'll try and fix it before we go public.

Secondly, go and follow us on social media. We'll be putting some early effort into building an online profile and if you head over there right now, you can single-handedly double our Twitter follower-count. Yes indeed, it's an audience of one presently, and it's myself. But one step at a time.

Thanks for your interest! We have a lot of exciting stuff to come as Earthbound gets underway, and if you're reading this, you get to say you were here at the start...