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Celebrating soil

The 5th of December is World Soil Day, which sounds like one of those worthy UN initiatives that nobody pays much attention to. And yes, it kind of is, but there's a good reason why soil needs an awareness raising day. (It was the late king of Thailand's idea, by the way.) Soil is the most overlooked thing in the world. Literally overlooked, in that soil is always there in the background of almost any view on land anywhere on earth. But also metaphorically overlooked, as it's one of the wonders of the world and not enough people know it.

So here's what we've done about that this year: we've written and designed a 24 page magazine exploring soil. It's available to download below, or you can read it online here. Browse and be inspired, email it round, and let's talk a bit more about soil.

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There's more. The same content from the magazine has been running as a soil themed week over on Jeremy's blog, Make Wealth History. And we also wrote a blog post for our friends at VerseFirst, to get their subscribers thinking about soil for the day.